Adult Groups

The Escape for Healers and Helpers 

This is a closed 6 weeks, 90 minutes biweekly group designed to bring  helping professionals together to process daily challenges with their multiple life roles;  network; build relationships, share information, gain support, and empower themselves while practicing self care. Too many helpers are leaving their profession due to burnout or job dissatisfaction. Take a stand! Make a change!  Participant MUST commit to the 6 weeks.

An assessment is required prior to start of group.

Investment: biweekly $30, or $110 paid in full | Assessment $45

Saturdays beginning April  2018

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Healing Trauma

This is a closed therapeutic group exclusive to women.  It offers a strength based approach which empowers women to increase their sense of self and recover from trauma.

Women will:

  • Gain tools to grow, flourish and experience healthy relationships

  • Understand what happened and explore the effects of abuse on their lives

  • Leave confident with skills to stay grounded and feel safe

  • Gain tools to manage grief/loss, loneliness/staying sober/anger

  • Create self-care tool box

Investment:  $20/week | Assessment $45

Saturdays beginning April 2018

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Parenting Skills and Support

This group is designed to improve parental effectiveness by providing clear

parenting philosophy and positive parenting strategies that may be used to

address a variety of child-rearing challenges and problems. First 7 weeks

ages 6-12 years, Then  teens next 7 weeks. We will address misbehavior,

motivation, discipline and help parents:

  • Understanding self and child

  • Gain confidence in their abilities

  • Understand beliefs and feelings

  • Encourage child and self

  • Listen and talk to your child

  • Aid children to learn to cooperate

  • Discipline in a way that makes sense

A certificate is provided at end of group

Investment:  $20/week

Tuesdays,  beginning March 2018

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My Teenage Life Empowerment Group

Eight week process group for ages 14 to 18 which explores issues teens

face on a daily basis such as peer pressure, self image, relationships, self

esteem, family conflict, fitting in, bullying, school stress, future plans, grief and loss, etc.

Participants will be given a safe space to share thoughts and feelings on

challenges they face daily. Participants will be provided with tools,

techniques, and strategies to deal with these challenges. Participants will be

taught ways to stay positive, and learn how to make good decisions for

themselves, while developing a greater sense of empowerment. Open

group.  New members may join if space is available.

Investment: $25 weekly  | Assessment: $45  (some insurance accepted)

Mondays: 6:00 pm-7:15 pm

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