Welcome on Your Journey to Wellness

By visiting HeartMattersWellness.com, you have taken a step to becoming well. Overcoming this first barrier may enable you to move toward a more satisfying and fulfilled life. At The Heart Matters Wellness Services we understand that life brings with it experiences of growth and fulfillment. However, life is also often sparse with a variety of challenges that at times are unmanageable. If you need a safe and inviting atmosphere to tell your story, learn appropriate coping skills to achieve healing (from challenges related to depressed mood, anxiety, anger, relational concerns, school issues, parenting, grief and loss), that is our speciality! We offer a non-judgmental strength based atmosphere to empower you with tools to support you staying well. If you are ready to examine your life and take some steps toward becoming well, we are ready to take this journey with you. We are dedicated professionals ready to listen and offer compassionate alternatives to achieving and maintaining your personal and emotional well-being.

We are qualified to perform individual, family and group therapy sessions. We work primarily from a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)approach, and at times eclectic (using a variety of therapeutic interventions to meet each client’s needs). The primary goal of The Heart Matters Wellness Services is to assist individuals and families in becoming well by working through their conflicts to achieve healthy management of their lives and relationships.