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Date/Time: October 25, 2019/ 11 am

A workshop to help participants gain insights on:

  • Identifying potential practices in therapy that may contribute to or create legal exposure
  • Addressing legal issues mental health clinicians are faced with related to confidentiality; privilege; duty to warn/control
  • Identifying and discussing necessary language needed in the Informed Consent, including a Professional Will 
  • Identifying family law issues that may arise in practice including participation in the legal process.
  • Establishing limits with clients that may cause adverse legal consequences for that therapist


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Impact of mindfulness on one’s life roles

Date/Time: November 8, 2019/8:30 am

how stress and change impacts the body and brain

the origin, benefits and purpose of mindfulness

how mindfulness impacts ones emotion and inspires to lead

the link between emotional intelligence and mindfulness

practical application to manage work life balance


Mental Health First Aid 8-hour Course -YOUTH & ADULT

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Date/Time: TBA

Someone you know could be experiencing a mental illness or crisis. You can help them.
Participants will learn:
· A 5-step action plan to help an individual in crisis connect with  appropriate professional help or peer, social, or self-help care
· The signs and symptoms of a mental illness or a crisis
· Recognize the potential risk factors and warning signs for a range of  mental health problems, including: depression, anxiety/trauma, psychosis  and psychotic disorders, substance use disorders, and self-injury.
· Interpret the prevalence of various mental health disorders in the  U.S. and the need for reduced negative attitudes in their communities.
· Apply knowledge of the appropriate professional, peer, social, and  self-help resources available to help someone with a mental health  problem treat and manage the problem and achieve recovery.
· Assess their own views and feelings about mental health problems and disorders

Anyone can take the 8-hour Mental Health First Aid course — first  responders’, students, teachers, leaders of faith communities to name a  few.

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